EcoMag’s process produces high purity (99%+) and ultra-pure (99.5%+) hydrated magnesium carbonate (HMC or hydromagnesite).

This high purity HMC is an ideal base for producing a wide range of magnesium-based specialty chemical compounds.

EcoMag’s magnesium is extracted from bitterns generated by sea-salt production using a magnesium precipitation process co-invented by EcoMag Chief Technology Officer, Professor Tam Tran. This ensures that EcoMag’s products are extremely low in the contaminants sometimes found in magnesium compounds derived from magnesite ores (which can include heavy metals and radioactive materials)

RecognisingEcoMag’s natural source and the purity of its products, Australian Organic has certified EcoMag’s HMC as an allowed input for the organic livestock industry.

Extremely low impurity levels make EcoMag magnesium products particularly well suited for laboratory applications. Accordingly each product description contains comprehensive chemical and physical specifications (and each batch is associated with an individual Certificate of Analysis which is available to purchasers on request).