EcoMag Direct is producing an expanding portfolio of innovative specialty chemicals, providing best-in-class magnesium materials to researchers, industrial engineers and innovators.

Coming soon:

  • Dehydrated HydroMagnesite
  • Magnesium DiHydroxide
  • HydroTalcite
  • Magnesium Hydrogen Phosphate
Looking for something else?

EcoMag currently operates a boutique scale plant in Chatswood capable of producing up to 100 tonnes per annum of hydrated magnesium carbonate.

The Chatswood plant incorporates dryers and kilns to roast a portion of the hydrated magnesium carbonate to produce magnesium oxides, in addition to fermentation facilities to create magnesium citrates and other compounds.

If you are looking for a magnesium specialty chemical that we don’t currently offer online please contact us to find out more about the product pipeline or request a custom order.