EcoMag Direct Specialty Chemicals is a division of EcoMag limited. EcoMag Limited is an unlisted Australian public company established in 2015 to produce and sell a range of specialty chemicals derived from high purity magnesium extracted from bitterns generated by sea-salt production using a magnesium precipitation process co-invented by EcoMag Chief Technology Officer, Professor Tam Tran.

EcoMag currently operates a boutique scale plant in Chatswood capable of producing up to 100 tonnes per annum of hydrated magnesium carbonate.

The Chatswood plant incorporates dryers and kilns to roast a portion of the hydrated magnesium carbonate to produce magnesium oxides, in addition to fermentation facilities to create magnesium citrates, lactates and other compounds.

EcoMag is planning to build a magnesium recovery and processing plant on land it has leased near Dampier, capable of producing up to 80,000 tonnes per annum of hydrated magnesium carbonate. Construction is expected to commence by the end of 2019.





The Board of EcoMag is committed to high standards of environmental and social corporate citizenship, and to running a company worthy of participation by ethical investors.

  • Enhancing the sustainability of global manufacturing by operating an environmentally sustainable business and promoting and implementing principles of the circular economy.
  • Contributing to economic development, employment and education in the areas in which it operates.
  • Engaging with local indigenous communities in the areas in which it operates, to provide employment opportunities and economic development for members of these communities, while respecting the cultural heritage and rights of traditional landowners.
  • Promoting workplace safety, diversity and gender equality.

For more information about EcoMag Limited, visit: ecomagnesium.com